Saturday, August 13, 2011

nz international film festival in chch

The NZ international film festival has hit Christchurch. Want to think about it actually sort of hitting Christchurch. I feel like the film festival is slapping Christchurch in the face but not in a bad way, in a way that it is also saying 'hey christchurch, wake up', or something. Anyway, it is an exciting thing that is happening in the city so I thought it might be a cool thing to write a lil about the films I see, though not in same vein as the other 'reviews' or whatever I have written before. Or maybe. I don't know. I guess it depends on the film. Feel like they were particularly nasty though.  Kind of want to be nice.

There are lots I want to go to. I even have my parents car so I can drive to and from the cinema lots. It's going to be really expensive. Especially because movies and snacks are complementary items in my opinion. I'm getting really into lemonade so I think there will be a lot of that. And pretzels and hummus. It's funny because I work at the movies too but I can't get cheap stuff from this one. I also am looking forward to m&ms and gummy lollies.

I'm trying to poach this guy from one of my classes into going to the movies with me/not his real friends because he is really good at watching films. I think we have similar thought patterns when it comes to 'reading films'. Like really conceptual/philosophical or something. I hope he doesn't read this. (Sorry if you are reading this...)

Maybe I will get busy and forget to actually write. I dunno, that's a possibility. It's a thing that is happening anyway atm that is exciting for me/the city.