Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Metropolis (1927)

Directed by Fritz Lang

I went with my friend Josh and his flatmate Hamish. I wasn't going to go but they asked me and I said yes. I think maybe I am procrastinating. I should be studying/writing essays. I only paid a child's fare because the guy at the counter was really nice and I bought tickets to Melancholia off him as well. I bought four tickets for that film and he charged me student price for all of them even though I didn't ask for all students. 
The best part in this film is the bad Maria. I like the sexy dance she does and when all the dudes check her out. That's real good/funny. Cool collage of eyes too. I ate salt and vinegar crackers during this film. Afterwards Josh and I raced to Riccarton (he won) and watched Cowboys and Aliens. It was cool: aliens and cowboys and big explosions. I got two frights and got embarrassed. I ate Maltesers and the rest of the crackers. Also had some sprite. Josh had a vanilla ice cream. Then we walked around the block because it was a really nice evening - not cold and lovely light - and it was nice to stretch my legs too. Then I went home.

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  1. I drank L&P today and I can still feel the fizz in my belly.

    Metropolis looks cool