Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Melancholia (pt2)

Went to this with my flat. It's about the end of the world. SPOLIER: The world ends. Though it's hardly unexpected with a name like Melancholia.

It's split up into two parts about the two sisters. Part One is called Justine and Part Two is called Claire. Justine gets married is really depressed. Seeing it for a second time helped identify the images at the start and what they represented. or something. Like Kirsten Dunst all tangled up in yarn and the horse sitting down and the electricity sprouting from KD's fingers.

I liked the story split up in parts. I think it made it more cohesive or allegorical: KD's inner melancholia vs MELANCHOLIA - the planet that Claire agonizes over. 

There is some pretty deep shit going on re. like depression and anxiety and stuff. Felt torn between which character I related to most. 

Made me think about how I would react to the end of the world. I don't believe in 2012 but I think this film will definitely raise fears in some people to do with that. I think I would just like eat heaps of food and pass out maybe. I was talking to Josh about how I was a lot more detached from the narrative watching it for the second time. I guess that's normal. I told him that Earth could die again and I wouldn't even care. I think he was a bit put out by that.

It's nice how KD is redeemed at the end by looking after Claire and her nephew/making magic cave. 

The sound is so so so good. Also it's v beautiful. Ate a boysenberry ice cream during this. Was real choice. 

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  1. The sounds at the end was crazy - the whole of civic theatre rumbling. I was a little scared to venture outside afterwards. But kind of also weirdly entertaining the idea of how incredibly awesome (in a magestic way, not a yay choice way) it would be to witness an apocalypse like this. Had to stay in my seat for ages after though. And real quiet. Would like to see it again.