Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to let someone know how much they mean to you (or something)

Write them a poem
Hold their hand
Wipe away their tears
Wash their sheets for them
Desire them --
-- it makes them feel desired
Send them nice texts
Say goodnight and good morning
Take them on a trip around the world
Give them a butt massage
Trust them
Beat them at pokémon and then make them dinner
Let them beat you at pokémon but make it look like you really tried
Listen to them
Kiss their nose
Apologise if you get angry with them
Go on a trip to a remote place
Go swimming with them
Ask about their day
Eat a tub of ice cream and burp I love you before vomiting
Start running when you see them
(Not away from them though)
Be honest with them
Keep your promises
Use a photo of them as a bookmark
Write a story about them
Give them space if they need it
Be kind to them
Stand up for them
Kiss their cheeks
Let them see you fully naked
Say what you are thinking when you think it
Climb into their nose and down their throat and cuddle their heart and breathe in their lungs so they don’t have to
Ask them for help when you need it
Help when they need it
Send them presents
Bake them cakes
Tell them you love them and mean it
Never lie
Be patient and understanding even when maybe you don’t understand
Be calm around them
Believe in a higher being momentarily and send up a prayer or a wish to pass onto them so maybe they will feel a tingly sensation in their toes and be warmed up like stepping into the sun and think about you at the same time and associate you with those good thoughts/a deity
Be aware of their faults and accommodate that knowledge into your actions
Treat them like a friend as well as a lover
Give unconditionally
Make their life easier by knowing when to leave them alone
Reassure them that you care about them
Don’t let your actions contradict your words
Help them overcome their fears
Kiss them on the lips

I want to give you the whole world and beyond that. I want to give you the stars and the moon and handfuls of atoms like they are mini m&ms. I want to do other things, less romanticised things, things that exist and can exist and will exist. Let's go to the supermarket and buy mini m&ms. Can we go to New World? I like the lighting in there and the way it's organised. Let’s go to the movies and eat noodles from a box. Seems authentic. Seems real.


  1. i paused the thing i was listening to to read this
    it was the nicest thing

  2. I see pokemon... good. Also this poem is good.

  3. This was really good. I like the one about running when you see them :)

  4. just felt really happy while reading this

  5. This is my favourite poem right now.

  6. and this!! teaching me things:)