Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy, Happy (2010)

Directed by Anne Sewitsky

(Feel like the thing I wrote about Norwegian Wood contradicted itself a lot. Sorry.)

I went to this straight after uni yesterday. I saw the coordinator guy (not sure of his actual position but coordinator sounds alright) and he recognised me and we chatted for a bit but then I got a bit scared that he was talking to me for some reason and went to the bathroom (actually needed to go though). I felt bad about that and vowed to see him after the movie but I didn't spot him. 

I bought a cuppa-T and a muffin. Earl grey and blueberry. Was the best decision of my life. 

I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was funny. Like subtly funny or something. I liked how the narrative was interrupted by these four guys singing American songs. Oh yeah, it was a Norwegian film. So the songs in english were a bit weird. Pretty funny though. I liked that it sort of depersonalised the story. Made it funnier. I like being reminded in films that it's a film and not 'real life'. 

I liked the character Kaja the best. She is that one up there ^^^^. She has a nice smile. Seemed really happy. I also liked the husband of her neighbour. This guy: 
He went on lots of runs and seemed smart and funny and cheerful. 
It was a nice film to see. Some of the bits were uncomfortable for me. I sat next to an old man who said to me: "I thought you were a boy when I sat beside you. Sorry about that". I said something like "I am fairly certain I am not a boy but I will double check when I get home". He laughed I think and then apologised two more times. 

Another thing that was uncomfortable was when Kaja's son played 'slave' with that guy's (^) adopted African son. I get that it was meant to be sort of uncomfortably funny, and it was. But I dunno. Maybe it was the fact that the mean boy didn't learn that that was wrong. He just got a new toy airplane. The adopted one did though. There was this bit where he watched a clip on youtube of President Obama making a speech. I thought that was really funny. Like he had had a massive history lesson in the month or two that he was staying there.

Yeah. It was sweet, eh.

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