Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A list about clothes I guess

In Auckland I want to wear
  1. Stripes. I have blue pin stripe shorts and a yellow stripey tee. Also I have a red and white stripey tee and a stripey orange and like navy thermal thing to wear under that so people don't see my boobs because the red thing is a bit loose. I have lots of other stripey tops/bottoms but I'm not taking everything I am only going for 5 days.
  2. Grey. I would wear all grey outfits if I could. I have a grey skirt and grey tee and grey tights and grey hat and grey shoes and grey cardigan. I probably won't wear the shoes because I can't fit them in my bag. 
  3. This is weird I don't even like clothes that much. 
  4. My watch.
  5. I just want to wear stripes on stripes and grey all the time. 
  6. Corduroy shorts.
  7. Corduroy shorts unlike stripey tees are stripey in form not adornment. Also soft/warm. Corduroy is a nice fabric unlike lace. Despite corduroy being a 'rigid form of velvet' I don't like velvet. I also don't like fur. Wool is nice though. Real into merino tops for underneath tees too.  I get cold easily.
  8. I want to wear brown clothes too but I don't have enough for a full brown outfit. Just shoes.
  9. If I wear only one colour then maybe it will be a bit like being invisible. 
  10. Black jeans. Even though they are a bit big I don't give a fuck. Would prefer people not to look at my butt anyway I think. Also this way from the back I will look like a boy. That might be a cool thing. Or not. I don't really know.
  11. Sorry. No one cares about what I want to wear. This was dumb. 
  12. Will have a grey hat with a brown bobble on too probably at all times. 

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