Wednesday, June 8, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Just wanna point out that turtle-neck skivvy. Also looks like Prof X is losing hard at chess. Shouldn't he be real good? Are we supposed to be so observant that we notice this and think: man prof x is so inherently good he won't even cheat at chess??
  1. Way better than Thor
  2. Wanna read the comics 
  3. Lingerie party in first 15mins: Slave to da boobies/box office.
  4. Sweet split-screen training montage
  5. Sad for Magneto  
  6. Sad for Prof X "I can't feel my legs"
  7. Lol at Prof X "Next I'll be bald or something"
  8. Eamonn said there was a 'sequel' in pre-production but the script got leaked so they're starting over. In it though apparently Magneto was blamed for the bullet that killed JFK
  9. Insane
  10. X-Men: First Class is not historically accurate - must remember
  11. Prof X does a yardie
  12. Can't decide which mutant power I'd want the most
  13. Trying to think of my own physical defects and how I can use them to save the world 
  16. I'd like something to do with fire + invisibility + flying 
  17. Like a Charizard with an Invisibility Cloak 
  18. Does Mystique ever get cold being nude all the time?

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  1. totally the most amazing film i have ever seen. got moved to tears so many times and then got really depressed when it finished. probably going to go see it again! 5 STARS!