Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things that are really great right now

  1. Awkward and Definition by Ariel Schrag
  2. Doing my essay(s) and feeling good about it (them)
  4. I am back on LZ give it to me
  5. (hehe lyrics)
  6. GIVE IT 
  7. Never gonna give you up LZ
  8. John Bonham's moustache
  9. Having a shower and scrubbing really hard
  10. Putting my fingers in my ears in the shower and hearing and feeling the water on my wet head
  11. Slumber parties with my bike
  12. Sleepovers with real people too
  13. Getting washing done - having clean undies :::) (not that I wasn't wearing clean undies before of anything but just that the stocks were running low, ya know? I'm going to put them on the heater before I put them on oh man I'm excited to get up tomorrow)
  14. Sending presents 
  15. Receiving presents!
  16. Tiny chat 
  17. Crumpet + honey
  18. Mum and Dad
  19. Wearing hats 
  20. Cups of tea 
  21. Band practice
  22. Putting my feet into furry socks and sliding them between the fins of the heater
  23. Friends beginning with R and M and B and V
  24. CHOCOLATE BISCUITS (even just the thought of em)
  25. Steve Roggenbuck's lief philosophy
  26. Feelin' like I'm really livin' 
  27. Live it up
  28. Alice is one letter from being Alive 
  29. On a keyboard that is like 5mm 
  30. Hi I'm Alive 
  31. shit
  32. hehe 
  33. see 
  34. so close

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