Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some photographs from some film - Sydney

Here are some photographs from the beginning of the year up to more recently. There are a few different events so I guess I'll post them separately or something. Everything seemed to be going really well before the february earthquake. But I dunno. It's not like everything has been real shit after it either.

I went to Sydney with my Mum and Dad and Nana. We went on a cruise ship over there and got a plane back. I wouldn't recommend a cruise. It's boring. Maybe if you like spending lots of money on cocktails you might like it. Mmm. I didn't get sea sick. I guess that's a plus. I can't remember if I've written about this already. I lost a roll of film from the boat. Maybe two actually.

After the cruise we stayed in Sydney for a couple of nights. I went exploring by myself because I was a bit sick of my parents and I thought that there would be discrepancies between what we all wanted to do. Plus I didn't want to stress out my Nana - it was very hot and there was lots of walking. The first thing I did was get a new battery for my camera and find an internet café because I wanted to email some people and gchat to them. That was all I really wanted to do.

 There were lots of little stands like this all along the central promenade. They sold fruit and veges and snacks and newspapers. Sydney was so big I felt like a single stitch on a parachute.

 I walked to the Art Gallery of NSW. It was really cool inside. I walked around it for a couple of hours. I wrote a lot of things in a notebook here. I don't know what or for what purpose. There are like 4+ floors and I think the lower you go the more recent the artwork is. I got a bit confused because every time I kept going down escalators there were windows and I could see outside.

Because we couldn't get enough boat-rides in our lives we caught one to somewhere I can't even remember the name. This is mum dad nana and my backpack all looking at the same thing at the same time.

When we got to the place-I-can't-remember-the-name there was a seagull standing on the top of a pole. It's hard to see because the seagull is the same colour as the sky. I don't know why I thought this was photo-worthy. Please bear in mind that it was about 40 degrees. 

Mum dad and nana walk beside some water. When you stay in a different place everything seems more beautiful. Even if it isn't really. I remember thinking "this water and grass is so beautiful" but I must have been delirious because it looks like any man made river/pond thing. 

A woman with a parasol and a woman with a dog talk on the side of the road. There is a bike chained to a pole. I think the dog was really cute. I must have really liked everything when I took this photo. I probably was thinking "everything is so great oh look people and their relationships with each other I am in Sydney and I am getting such perspective on the world everything is going to be good forever and ever". Like I has just started dating Sydney and Sydney was The One.

Nana stayed at home and mum dad and I went out to a japanese restaurant. There was a cockroach in it though. It crawled behind our seat-futon thing. I was more excited than scared because I hadn't seen one before. It looked a bit cute but I was probably still a bit crazy from the heat. We had to get a train there anyway and this is me in the station.

This may or not be Circular Quay. This is what it looks like when I don't wear my glasses no matter what city I am in.

They tie their bikes to lamp posts just like in Christchurch. Oh my. Again, no glasses.

On the last day in Sydney before we had to leave in the afternoon I walked to the Powerhouse Museum. It was 44 degrees I think and I wanted indoors because it would be cooler and I wouldn't be sweaty anymore. I was getting really sick of sweating. Even eating ice creams was no fun because they melted too quickly and got on my hands all sticky.  In the Powerhouse Museum was a massive exhibit on 'life in the 80s in Australia'. It was sweet. There were heaps of displays on bands and electronics and and television and things. This picture is the handwritten draft of one of Nick Cave's songs. I think From Her To Eternity. There're heaps of cross-outs. I took the photo for my friend Ben because he loves Nick Cave a lot. Pity it didn't come out well at all.

OMG GAMEBOYS. Hehehe. The original gameboy is exactly the same as mine except mine is see-through. So just like the title pic thing of this blog. 

After the Powerhouse Museum I think I had another ice cream but instantly regretted it. I didn't even need to grip the handles of my bag because my hands just stuck to it and everything else. I guess it made lifting things easier. The taxi man thought I was 15. I was glad to get home.

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  1. Ditto about cruises. You are stuck on the boat the whole time. Like Sydney lots though.