Friday, June 24, 2011

Some photographs from some film - pre eq, eq, post eq

After I got back from the cruise Joe flew down to Christchurch. I can't remember how long he came down for. Maybe a week. It was really nice. We made lots of sandwiches and cut cheese on a special cheese-slice I hadn't seen or used before. I'm going to get one and cut cheese with it when I get wealthy enough to afford cheese.
We spent a lot of time at the beach. Our favourite swimming spot was at Corsair Bay. It is really close to his parents house. We went at midnight once on a really warm night the sky was clear and I hurt my feet on the rocks. I thought I had really strong feet. It's such a shame that so many boy racers go to Corsair Bay. It would pretty much be perfect if it wasn't for them. 

We had to make some music because Joe's friend Sam asked him to play with the Canterbury Rams at the Dux. Many people were away at camp that weekend. I didn't go because camp makes me nervous. Joe and I had plans to make our own camp which kind of fell through because we ran out of money I think. We made the songs up on the day and it showed. They were all Pok√©mon-themed though. I played guitar on one or two of them and I had never tried to play a guitar before. It was a lot of fun though. I remember thinking and feeling slightly giddy at all the fun I had. I feel like I lived out a dream. Ben said our set was awesome. Ben was probably drunk. 

Joe went home and a couple of weeks later the second big earthquake 'hit'.
I was sitting at my desk searching for flats, ironically. The bookcase fell over just after I ran to the door. I put my mac in its case and in the middle of my bed. I wrote a story about the earthquake in an earlier post, just read that to get the gist of the eq thing. 

This is why I don't organise my books. I only do fiction on the top three rows and non fiction and childrens books on the bottom two. It's sort of too full now though to do it properly. My dream home has bookshelves for walls. 

A couple of days later I went to Auckland to get away from the city because it was too sad and stressful. I had a piercing and it got really infected so I took it out. I was very reluctant to take it out because it was really special. I tried a lot of things to make it better like bathing it in salt water and washing it with protex soap but in the end my body totally rejected it. I guess it was because I hadn't showered in a few days since the water was bad/non existent.

Auckland was cool though because I got to hang out with my sister and my niece. I love my niece so much. I don't know how to explain it. Like there is this long gold-sparkly pipe-cleaner connecting us. Since its gold and sparkly I want to be around it a lot and touch it and look at it. I feel like I want to be a bigger part of her life or something. I wanna be cool Aunty Alice. My other niece/nephew don't call me Aunty Alice. But they are pretty much as old as me so we're just bros.

We went to this all-day dance show and my niece got up on stage at the end and danced with the dancers in front of everybody. She really likes dancing. Everyone loved her. She was really frustrating though when we tried to go home because she didn't want to leave the stage. She cried. A lot. Her screams made my throat sore. 

More bad stuff happened like the Japan eq and more people were dying in chch. I think I stayed in Auckland for two weeks. Everyone went a bit crazy. I mean, I definitely did. I think I stayed too long in Auckland though. No one really understood what was happening for me/other people from Chch. I just wanted life to be back to what it was.

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