Monday, June 27, 2011

Some photographs from some film - Dunedin

Since town got destroyed there was/is nowhere for bands to play. Some people in Dunedin organised Quakefest'11, a relief show for Chch bands. It wasn't a benefit show designed to make a lot of money, it was more to give bands from chch the opportunity to play somewhere.

I drove me, Ben and Ché to Dunedin. Also we had this other lady in the car with us too. Her name was Lorraine maybe. She was going to perform too. She smoked a lot. But not in my car. I don't like smoking in my car. It's Mum's car. I checked the oil and filled it up with petrol. I should have pumped the tyres up before we left but I got really anxious when I went to do so the night before because there were all these boy racers and I didn't really know how to pump tyres up anyway. I think I just bought some liquorice and drove home.

It was a beautiful day.

We stopped at Rakaia. Everyone stops at Rakaia. We watched everyone stop at Rakaia and take photos of the big trout while we stopped at Rakaia and took photos of the big trout in Rakaia. Everyone smoked cigarettes except for me. Some people went to the bathroom. I sent a text message.

Got snacks. Kept driving. There was this real close call with a truck when I was overtaking someone. We got to Dunedin in like four and a half hours. 
There were two venues for bands. Our band played at Sammy's with the Dialtones, Undercurrents, Valdera and T54. Others bands played at Refuel.

When we played two girls and maybe a guy got up on stage and danced. They were really drunk. Lorraine smoked so many cigarettes that she turned into a cloud of ash and settled over the southern hemisphere coughing on everyone and delaying flights.

 We went to the Butterfly House.

 This butterfly had a big crush on me. I said sorry butterfly it will never work. The butterfly flew away and drowned itself in the turtle pond.

We drew some pictures of butterflies with some pencils the museum had set up.

We went to a party and saw the guy that worked with the butterflies.

We played 20 questions on the drive home. I thought Carmen Sandiago but no one got it.

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