Friday, June 3, 2011

My Room 2

 David wrote about his new room and bike so I decided I would write about my new room and bike considering I moved into his old room and both of us getting new bikes at the same time seemed kind of fitting like stars aligning in the ol' cosmos or something.  

This picture was taken from my desk. The desk is sitting next to a big window. I really really like the window it's really beautiful and I like looking out it because I can see the overgrown grass of our front lawn and the white fence and the road and people walking past when I look out of it. At the moment I don't really work at my desk much because I am in love with my bed. Seriously. I 
have never loved my bed so much before. My bed is the best bed and it looks so celestial in this room it is like sleeping on God.

This is a picture of a poster by the GARAGE COLLECTIVE. It is my favourite poster in my room. My second favourite is one of a comic called Spots On The Moon. I like the moon. I put this poster here right above my bed so when I walk into my room it is the first thing I see which is nice because I like it so much. Also it makes me feel tough and confident like I'm in the Mafia or something. There will be no horse head in this bed. Also at the bottom of the pic there is some big(?)ish earthquake cracks in the wall and the
plaster comes through. It's a bit crumbly. At night sometimes I hear the plaster fall down inside the walls. But it might be a cute lil mouse. I sleep on the side closest to my lamp/heater/tea coaster though so it doesn't get me.

This next picture is of the couch that David left me. Thanks for the couch David. It's another one of my favourite things in my room. The couch is directly opposite my bed and next to my wardrobe area where I hang my dresses/cardigans/raincoat/shirts/skirt. My shoes are lined up on the ground underneath. I play ps3 on this couch and so do my flatmates. Today I played Ratchet and Clank. Last night Jono played Portal. Me and Eamonn watched Curb Your Enthusiasm on it as well. I'm going to start playing Ratchet and Clank heaps. Then I'm going to play GTA4 and steal and kill a lot of things. I want to play Team Fortress 2 on it but I don't think I'll be able to because the internet connection in my room is a bit capricious. 

Oh man. The fireplace got so messed up in the earthquake. Thankfully though David put some sticky-plasters around it which makes it look so much better. See down the bottom there is a little sticky-plaster lying in all the dirt/dust/ash/bits of wall/concrete? I should probably talk to the landlord about getting this fixed. I kind of like how my room is kind of fucked up though. Because I think I've made it look quite nice and feel nice and comfortable. I like the reminder that nothing is perfect but being really happy and optimistic about it anyway. The thing on the right is one of those wire artwork thingys (don't know what it's called) that was popular in the 70s I think. It's just wire wrapped around nails really tightly. I got it in Auckland a couple of years ago from a Salvation Army store with my sister. I think of her everytime I see it. I should put it up somewhere. In saying that though, having it by the messy fireplace is beneficial for my mental health because when I accidentally stand on all that yuck stuff with socks on I get upset that my socks are messy (hate messy socks) and have bits stuck in them but looking at something I like makes me forget about the socks or at least I will just brush the yuck stuff off and it will be no. big. deal. 

That's my bookcase and my dresser. My bookcase is there so I can see it from my bed. The dresser is there because that is the most convenient space in the room for it to be. The bookcase and my bank account are kind of dating at the moment. It might even be more serious than that. A lot of the books in there are actually physical manifestations of the copulation of money and literature encouraged by me on the internet in the last few weeks. My mum and I painted the bookcase when I was ten or eleven or twelve. We painted it white then painted it blue then brushed over the wet blue paint with dry brushes and maybe like sandpaper or something to make it look 'rough' and give it 'texture'. It's blue with white streaks. I liked painting the bookcase with my mum a lot because she let me do it; usually when I painted stuff like walls I dripped it all over the carpet which made everyone angry but now they get this painter called Gary to paint the walls/ceilings whenever they change/fix the house. My favourite thing is my bookcase being full. Satiated. My bookcase is a big fat tummy but instead of a stomach there is a brain. On the outside though it just looks like a massive tummy wearing a white shirt bursting at the buttons. 

This is my bike. It's brand new. It's navy blue. This is a pretty mysterious photograph of my bike. All I know about her is that she is a girl and a blessing to ride. Like riding a cross between Sister Mary Clarence and Carmen Sandiego. Today I got to uni 5mins faster. Maybe even more than that. I feel so much better on a bike again. More human... or something. I dunno. It's easier to bike. Not dealing with the stresses of driving. Biking allows me to observe more stuff and appreciate it. Today I got smiled at by all the other cyclists on the road. I feel like I am a part of some kind of secret bicycle community and everybody is real sweet. I watched the Handmaid's Tale today for English (we are studying the book). The movie is really bad but it made me upset and all I could think about was biking home and how nice that would be. I thought I would cry on my bike but that was okay because we would sort of comfort each other. I listened to Big Momma Thornton though and instead of crying we were invincible. My bike really likes Big Momma Thornton. She is a whole lotta woman. We (all three of us) were like "FTP" (fuck the patriarchy) all the way home.

It's really nice living in David's old room. I feel more 'at home' here than I have anywhere really. I feel calmer or something. It's really great. I guess that has a lot to do with remnants of David and also a lot to do with my cool ass flatmates.

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  1. Woah, I love what you've done with the room! I was a bit confused by the webcam reversal :)
    Glad you're enjoying the room. I think it is my favourite bedroom I've ever had :)