Sunday, May 22, 2011

My dream lover would be some like, literary Twinkie or an ice-cream biscuit. I imagine this 'person' to be like a chocolate-coated pretzel Richard Brautigan or something

They’re going to study you at universities, did you know? Sometimes love is as simple as that. But this isn’t a declaration of my love for you I am not in a creative writing class and the lecturer has not asked us to write about something we are passionate about or I would have picked like ice cream or pretzels or following the sun around on the floor at the end of the day.. I'm standing in front of a vending machine. I shouldn’t have brought up love. I don’t even know you. This is embarrassing. Sorry. You write. I mean. You write well. And you’re smart. You’re American too I guess that helps. I dunno. You’re cute. But that’s subjective. What isn't though, I suppose. So is your body shape and hair it seems ideal it makes me feel superficial because I don't think I've ever cared about that or I've never found anyone ever physically unattractive but your features on you, they're so exquisite. Oh, and I like your voice when you talk in front of people you’re really nervous but you’re so passionate about what you’re saying that it sort of offsets the nervousness and I’m too busy being enraptured by your voice and intellect that I don’t see the papers in your hand shivering except when I’m being really observant but in all honesty I guess I can’t not be observant of you and I just said enraptured. Oh man. I'd like to undress you. Hee hee. You’re really tasty. I mean you're really sweet. I mean you're really great. And they’re going to study you. But not me. I have already graduated.

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