Friday, May 6, 2011

Led Zeppelin Detox Day 2

Dad walked into my room and said "don't use the toilet". I said "okay dad" and went back to sleep. 

Woke up. Turned on the computer. Was too scared to open itunes. Was too scared to use the toilet so I just sat and looked at facebook. Went downstairs and made a cup of tea. The tea was like my Mjölnir so I opened itunes real confidently and listened to the first Led Zep album up to maybe Black Mountain Side.  I drank all the tea and felt guilty. Then I thought: Why set myself this rule? If Led Zep is making me happy then why would I want to deny myself the pleasure. Am I self-mutilating by disallowing myself cool stuff I like? Jesus. But this is an unhealthy obsession. I need to stop listening to so much Led Zeppelin. I can only think about Led Zeppelin and how I should listen to something else but scrolling through itunes makes me so depressed until I get to 'L'. And I can be on the computer for so long and listen to all the studio albums and all the live albums and I won't get disrupted and flustered by a change in artist because there won't be one. This is a better way to listen to music. But 4 months is weird. Led Zep is probably like "leave me alone now please Alice". That is a very distressing thought. Not thinking about it.

Robert Plant gave a little yelp that I hadn't heard before and I needed to pee.

I feel like I am in a relationship with Led Zeppelin and by listening to something else I am cheating on Led Zeppelin. 

John Bonham is fucking dead. 

I watched Ed Wood and afterwards I opened itunes. My heart was racing. I knew exactly where the absolute pit of my stomach was. I listened to Another Girl Another Planet by the Only Ones. In Paul, Another Girl Another Planet plays while Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are at the sci-fi convention. It made me really happy that that song played then. I found it really funny. In a way I only went to see that movie after I saw in the credits that song was in it. Then I listened to Breaking Down. Then I listened to Never Mind by the Replacements. And Valentine. And Can't Hardly Wait. And Birthday Gal. Then I listened to Be There, Blue & Red and Just A Dream Away by Wipers. 

I tried to cry but I couldn't. I felt the most alone I have felt for maybe 3 or 4 days. 

I went to work and after I listened to all of Led Zep III from Since I've Been Loving You while drinking a cup of lemon tea.

Apparently the first three days of a detox are the hardest?

Total bullshit.

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