Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's not my fault I got strangled by an octopus

It’s not my fault I got strangled by an octopus
The octopus with 100 arms
And two legs
It looked familiar
From the waist down it was just like us
I loved the octopus
To be hugged by one hundred arms
I felt like a rare and incredible jewel
Buried on the moon
And 400,000 kilometres away
You invent the x-ray telescope
And find me buried there
And fly up
And dig me out
And write about me in your diaries
One diary for research explaining the
Accretion of gas and dust and how you had to calculate the exact measure of cosmological distance between everything in the universe
And everything not in the universe
And another diary
You write from the back
About finding me and how I shone and how you held me and I warmed your hands and you felt like you could never be cold again

I really loved that octopus
To be strangled by one hundred arms
That is five hundred fingers
It feels like nothing after a while.

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