Wednesday, May 25, 2011

  1. I'm watching the Wire at the moment I have this ritual where I watch it before I go to sleep and then when I wake up but I'm afraid when I finish it that I will have nothing to look forward to/nowhere to escape to and I will feel sad. The best/funniest parts are when they talk about books.
  2. There is a little mouse in the house and everyone has seen it but me. 
  3. I have been having the best sleeps in the new house.
  4. Got a new duvet. One that sounds like -crispckle-
  5. Only able to eat red meals.
  6. Want to wear more red clothes too. Maybe like get a red dress or something.
  7. Lit a real good fire.
  8. Doctor said I should stop being vegetarian but I'm not going to - put spinach on my blue-cheese pizza bread instead.
  9. Fantasising while working about all the stuff I can buy from Penny Lane when I go there on Friday.
  10. Lots of irrational spending on the internet. Mainly books.
  11. Read Blankets by Craig Thompson and had to stop three times because I thought I was going to cry. Left me in this state of awe/disbelief/reflection/gratefulness/melancholy/desire/mild intoxication.
  12. Studying documentary in cinema studies is the most rewarding/interesting/frustrating thing. 
  13. Miss Simba.
  14. Need a belt.

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