Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Martha sat indoors and watched a small dark-skinned man with a briefcase and no neck walk briskly past her window. She didn’t care where he was going or what he was carrying or why he was in such a hurry all that mattered was that small elated feeling of seeing something removed from all context merely existing within the window-frame at that exact point in time. Daniel knocked on the door even though there wasn’t really any need. His courtesy was compelling, fascinating... vexing. It made her uncomfortable. She was scared now because she had let her guard down and found herself sort of in love? with him. It was too soon and she regretted it. He walked in and kissed her on the mouth. He pressed into her and her hips bent obtusely until her head touched the pillow. Martha thought of the window-frame and all that existed within it and how from the other side all there was was her and him and nothing else. She thought how she had found a way to exist and not exist simultaneously and there was that elated feeling again only this time it was Daniel - someone other than herself - and all that was left of her was a fleeting spark of static electricity from the pillow where her hair lay.

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