Friday, May 20, 2011

The cathedral is a carcass and when the sun shines people can see right in and they smile when the sun shines on their faces because it's warm and nothing else

It’s the leaves that were dancing on the road, frantically like their life depended on it that held the only beauty in the world if beauty equates to urgency and urgency to like, actual existence. The leaves were orange and withered so they were dead anyway I guess. I don’t think anything could have screamed YOUAREALIVE more effectively than decaying leaves-corpses dancing like their lives depended on it in the middle of the road on a sunny autumn morning though. I was driving. Felt really guilty about that because – a lady was cycling on the path beside me she was smiling – the windows were all the way up and the heater too despite the sunshine and Solid Gold was playing the hits real loud. Crushing a leaf is only pleasurable if you can hear it like opening a can of soft drink, ya know? I really like that. Otherwise it’s just murder. Fuck man. Can you kill something that’s already dead? I dunno. It’s just. They were dancing so beautifully.