Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some stuff about this week:

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. Skipping class to watch Led Zeppelin documentaries
  3. Didn't listen to any Led Zeppelin yesterday 
  4. Actually maybe I did in the morning
  5. Yeah I did
  6. But I didn't at night
  7. Scout Niblett
  8. Listening to Scout Niblett
  9. Looking up Scout Niblett at uni instead of doing my readings for class
  10. Listening to Scout Niblett instead of Led Zeppelin
  11. Liking Scout Niblett a lot
  12. Looking at pictures of Scout Niblett
  13. Thinking "Scout Niblett is so cute"
  14. Day dreaming about Scout Niblett
  15. Having a massive crush on Scout Niblett
  16. Watching videos on YouTube of Scout Niblett
  17. There's a cool one with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy with face paint on and she has fake teeth in
  18. Feeling really good/nervous about this new thing
  19. These new things
  20. ::: )
  21. Kind of missing Led Zeppelin a bit 
  22. A lot
  23. Not washing my face before bed 
  24. Sometimes not even my teeth
  25. Gross
  26. Red wine
  27. Cheese toastie

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