Friday, April 22, 2011

I love this thing: old dead men (part 2)

John Bonham seemed like a cool guy. He wasn't old when he died. Like 32 or 34. Something like that. He died by choking on his own vomit. Led Zep had a band practice and they were drinking and things and then they had a break and went to sleep and in the morning he was a corpse. He had a drinking problem. He got really aggressive when he got drunk people said. But they also said this was scary and unfortunate and interesting and intimidating because he was the loveliest guy sober. I think he started drinking because he missed his family. I know he definitely had a daughter and a son, I'm not sure about any more than that though. One time close to when he died someone who was on tour with them went into his room and said "hey bonzo what you up to man?" and he replied "Just wrappin up these dolls for my wee girl. It's her birthday. I miss her dude". Apparently he was real bummed about missing his kids childhoods. In videos of him not playing drums he seems really lovely. He had a reputation for being a sweet chill guy. 

John "Bonzo" Bonham got in the band through a friend of Jimmy Page. Maybe actually it was John Paul Jones. I can't remember. John Bonham had a gig playing in a covers band then tried out for 'Jimmy Page's new thing'. Jimmy dug his style and asked him to be in. At first he was unsure though because being in a covers band meant sweet cash and a new thing was a bit of a gamble. Paid off. 

He is/was one of the greatest drummers of all time because he is/was 'solid and fearless'. He is a good guy because he was considerate of people he was on tour with and wasn't mean to anyone. Also he was fun to be around. Also he had a cool beard and cool hats. He smiles a lot. He seemed to have the right idea. From now on when I have a decision to make I will ask myself "what would John Bonham do?" Except when I am drinking alcohol.

I recommend watching And The Song Remains The Same, the Led Zep doco/feature film/live show. John Bonham is just a cool dude driving a car, hanging with his son and walking in some grass. 

After he died Led Zeppelin wasn't the same. They were such a close knit bunch of bros. His son, however took over for a bit and played some shows with them. People respected him because he respected them. I wish he was still alive. If he was he would be 63 and wearing a cool hat.

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