Monday, April 4, 2011

I love this thing: food


I don't have a photo of a real life curry roll but I have this one which I think is quite accurate in terms of scale and beauty although it looks a bit like an envelope made of poo. In the weekend I went to the movies in Sumner (Never Let Me Go (real sad. real good grey clothes. real good green jacket. real good Sally Hawkins (dresses). real good hair cuts).) and afterwards got fish n chips from the shop across the road. I always find it hard to decide what to have when I get fish n chips because I don't get it much anymore. When I was little I used to get choc donut. Then I got potato fritter for a while. I still really like those two things but this time I wanted something else. I got a corn fritter. It was ok. I saw a friend from work in the store and talked to him while I was waiting and him and his friends got their food and started eating it. I saw this really interesting brown thing on the paper. It looked like it would fit in the palm of my hand and protrude maybe an inch either side like the sheath of a samurai sword.

Him: Yep

For some reason I thought that a curry roll was real small like a mini spring roll. I regretted the corn fritter instantly. (Still regretting). 

It was a good thing that I was being particularly unhealthy this weekend because I had fish n chips the next night as well at Joe's house. His Dad asked me what I wanted and again I had that sweaty decision to make between fish/choc donut/corn frit/potato frit/curry roll. I said I would really like a curry roll but I wasn't sure if the shop would have any. I said I would have a piece of fish instead but I really didn't want a piece of fish. I really wanted a curry roll. I got one. It is fortunate that people all over Christchurch like curry rolls and it's not just a Sumner thing. This one was even bigger than the one my friend from work had! It was really nice. It had a bit of mince in it though. I thought a curry roll would be nicer without the mince. I dipped the curry roll in tomato sauce a bit. I didn't have many chips because I was all about the curry roll. Even though it had mince in it and would be better without I'm still going to say I "love" it because I'm going to get it all the time from now on. I think it would be nice dipped in aioli, mayonnaise, tartare, chilli, spicy apricot, plum, Worcestershire, fejoa, honey mustard sauces as well. I'm really grateful that I got to have a curry roll. It would probably even be good with hollandaise. But probably better just by itself actually.  

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