Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying to be beautiful II

I was trying to practise my french in some vain attempt to remember what I have 'learnt' since I was like, five. Actually the french I was taught at primary and intermediate doesn't really count I don't think. So then, trying to remember all the stuff from high school. Sort of disappointing what I could remember. But still, some stuff. If anyone can actually understands that would be a bonus, although I wouldn't count on any of this making sense. Could provide a rough translation (or what I meant to say) if anyone wants.

Rien ne m’intéresse maintenant
Je pense ce que
Si j’écrire dans le français
Peut-être je me sentirai plus
Intelligent ou
Mieux au écrit

Ma grammaire
Comment dit-on
« fucked »
En français ?

La poème
Avant celle-ci
(En français)
Etait sur le sujet
D’amour !

Celle-ci devrait avoir été
C’est malheureux ;
Mon incapacité
Pour utiliser
Le conditionnel. 

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