Monday, March 28, 2011

Trying to be beautiful I (II)

So I've decided to repost this because I changed it in the word doc and felt like a liar for not changing it on here too.


I am your heart
I’m French
Words always sound better in French
Don’t they ?

More serious
More beautiful
More painful

We are not close
Like we used to be
When you were younger
You ignore me
You prefer
The brain
And me,
I am not given
Another thought

I’m going to leave you
And you will miss me
And think that I don’t love you

But do not think
Of what you can’t understand
When one is
The heart
Nothing is important.
Not the origin
Not the destination
Only the voyage

I hope that you
Will be there,
To receive me
With open arms
Revealing the hollow
From which I disappeared
And with hands spread
You will pick me up
And fit me
Like a battery
Into your chest
Where I belong.

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