Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some things about Auckland

Everything is great except that I have hundreds of itchy-bites on my body


There are new ones every day in the creases of my limbs and

On the bony bits

My toenails are too long

Even though I cut them two days ago

Chocolate milk seems to be the best thing to eat or drink right now

And pretzels

It’s nice to walk around here

But not in the city

People are pretty merciless there

I went to a park and danced with my niece and

People thought I was her mother

But courteously 

I think because maybe they thought I looked like I didn't regret having a kid at 17 or something

They clapped for the band and for us and said,

You’re gonna have your hands full with that one,

I think because she is so vivacious

And was 'dancing' to jazz


My sister joked that now I can look after her and she can have a night off

My niece asked me for some water and

My sister got a bit jealous.

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