Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some stuff about this week:

  1. In Auckland 
  2. Living really close (walking distance) to Pak'NSave
  3. BBQ wood-fried chips
  4. Noodle Crisps 
  5. My sister and my niece 
  6. My brother and my nephew and my niece
  7. Seeing Pampa on Friday hopefully
  8. Dancing in the rain 
  9. Getting sick
  10. Getting better really quickly
  11. Lemon and honey and ginger hot drinks
  12. Waking up in cold sweats in the middle of the night not breathing and being too scared to go back to sleep
  13. Hurting my back 
  14. Having my back clicked 
  15. Still sore though
  16. Two of five books ordered weeks ago arrived in Christchurch!
  17. Dad maybe found a new job
  18. Still getting paid. <3 Hoyts
  19. Trying to find a new flat 
  20. Deciding to transfer universities and being really excited about living in Auckland and then not being allowed to.
  21. Becoming accustomed and comfortable and excited about the idea of living in Christchurch again and finding out universities are allowing transfers there after all.
  22. Lots of earthquake fundraisers
  23. Lots of earthquake misunderstandings 
  24. Lots of earthquake arguments 
  25. Lots of earthquake questions
  26. Missing Christchurch
  27. Being scared of Christchurch
  28. Crying real hard out in the toilets at AUC 
  29. Joe ringing and making everything better
  30. A wasp that didn't leave me alone
  31. No stings though
  32. Movies
  33. Movies + snacks 
  34. ))<>((
  35. Batman Begins 
  36. The Dark Knight
  37. Missing friends 
  38. Not going to Swans tonight
  39. Potential regret
  40. Numbness 
  41. Wondering what Simba is doing right now
  42. Cannelloni 
  43. Vegetarian Indian meals in packets for $2.50. Super cheap, super healthy
  44. Reading my niece bedtime stories 
  45. Splashing barefoot in puddles with my niece
  46. 'Cool Aunty'
  47. Mutual understanding with a man who was dancing while I was making sure my niece didn't get lost in the throng of people/puddle (just wanna dance man).
  48. Meeting my niece's dad's mother (Helen)
  49. Chorizo and salsa bun
  50. Vegan chocolate cake
  51. Vegan lemon cake
  52. Chocolate energy balls
  53. Finding a beach in the city on a hot day 
  54. Christina Stead
  55. De-lite SNV crackers accompanied by a phone call from Rosie
  56. Buying a cheap flight home
  57. Home on the 12th
  58. Dunedin music festival 
  59. !!
  60. Sixty (mainly good) things.

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