Friday, March 18, 2011

I love this thing: Simba

On Wednesday I got my haircut at my friends house. I said I wanted a trim and my fringe to be sorted out because it was really thick and starting to poke my eyes. I said that my fringe is usually way shorter kind of like Betty Page's. It's the opposite of that though because hers is convex to the origin and mine is concave. I suppose in this case the origin is my nose, the middle of my face? I dunno. This time though my friend said SPOCK FRINGE and that was pretty much exactly what I wanted. I just watched the Star Trek movie the week earlier and thought how much more attractive Spock is than Captain Kirk partly because of his real good fringe but also his intellect too. The girl who cut my hair straightened it as well which I haven't done in years which was kind of interesting/different/slick. After I got my hair cut though I went back to my real house in Dallington because I missed my cat. His name is Simba. I got Simba when I was eight, so he is 12 but he doesn't look a day over 5. I really love Simba and he really loves me. I can tell because he talks to me like I can understand him. He is a little bit like a dog in the way that when I call him or tell him to "hop up on the seat", he usually does it. I got Simba because he was the smallest cat and his brothers were picking on him. He was also orange. I guess I felt like I got picked on a lot and also I am orange. When I got home this day I tried with difficulty to open the front door but there were no lights so I fumbled around for a few seconds. I was really excited to see Simba (I call him Simmy as a nickname) because I hadn't seen him since the earthquake and I was scared maybe he got too frightened and ran away or got squashed by the furniture that fell over. I also knew that he would want to see me and give him a pat pat pat. He saw me coming up to the door though and he meowed at me but in a chirpy way as if he was saying, "hi mum you're back! I missed you heaps gimme a pat. I'm hungry". I talked back to him and told him the door was stuck and he told me to just give a push. Inside I got him some food and picked him up. He sat down by my feet and meowed some more and I said shall I give you a cuddle and bent down to pick him up and he sort of semi-jumped into my arms. Then I gave him a real rough pat which is his favourite kind of pat. I kissed him on the fur as well and put him down and he ate his food. Then I went on the computer because I needed to print off something and he jumped right onto my lap. I took lots of photos on photobooth. I think me and Simba look pretty similar. It's almost hard to tell the difference. It's quite hard to take pictures on the computer of you and your cat though because the cat always faces the other way. I tried to pick him up and force his face at the lens but those ones looked a bit aggressive. I think this one sort of sums up the reunion pretty well. Simmy is the best cat. He is so docile. He gets teased for this by people who say he is a 'girl cat'.  Last night I spent the night at my house for the first time in about 3 weeks and he sat on my pillow all night purring but softly, considerately, because he didn't want to wake me up.

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