Saturday, March 12, 2011

I love this thing: food

These are the yummiest dinners on the planet. My sister introduced me to them when I was in Auckland. They are one-serve packets of imported vegetarian Indian meals. They could be lunches or breakfasts too I think. She gets them all the time because they are cheap and super fast to cook up. You just need a packet and some rice. There are lots of different flavours. They are sold individually but really filling and only $2.50! I’ve never seen or even heard of them before. Everyone else probably has though. When I was with my sister we had a green one and a red one. I’ve forgotten what flavours we had, but one had cottage cheese and basil-y stuff and the other was spicier and had tofu cubes. All you need to do is cook rice and then either heat the packet of this stuff in the microwave for 1-2mins or boil the packet in water for 5mins then place it over the cooked rice. I boiled it in the packet. Seemed more natural that way. Also there was no microwave where I was eating. But if there was I still would have boiled it. I want to collect all the flavours and have them every night for a week or over how ever many days of flavours there are. I want to line them up on my shelf in the cupboard really neatly like books. It will be like eating The Chronicles of Narnia. The one I had today had chickpeas in it (Chana Masala). It was so filling. I really hope these are available in Christchurch. I want to eat this forever. I watched Synecdoche, New York today. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a man called Caden Cotard who starts directing this large-as-scale play and seventeen years later+ they are still devising it. When I have been in plays in the past it's been difficult to make proper food and eat right because of having a full schedule/being tired. I feel like if I were in a play for seventeen years this is what I would eat. I need to know how to make Naan now. This stuff is also super healthy too. Seems like the most perfect thing ever.  If Christchurch doesn’t have this I will be so upset. 


  1. yeah these are so good! i have seen them at the indian places near south city and also at the asian food warehouse.

    dont know if any of those will still be around tho :(

  2. My friend Eamonn said that actually they're probably not that healthy. But he also said that you can get 4 for $3. Or 3 for $4 from the Independent Fisheries warehouse in Woolston.