Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I sailed on a cruise
Ship with
From January 30 -
February 5 

It was okay.

I was excited the whole time
Less that it was a cruise 
And more because I got to write about it afterwards.
I took cameras
And rolls of film. 
I took pictures and videos 
And when the films ran out 
I put them back in their cylinders 
And into the front of my backpack
And zipped it up. 

One of the cameras I haven't used since I was 
I forget what the pictures must look like.
Also the film was a bit different and I want to see what the pictures are like on that film
And the lighting
And how that affects it. 
I dunno. 
Just experimenting I guess.

I thought this was also a good 
To hang out with my family.
We don't all get to be together like this.
And Nana is getting old too.
There won't be another chance 
I don't think. 
I dunno. 
I wanted to document it in a more solid form than a 
Me m    or           y.

I haven't got the photos.
I lost the film. 


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