Monday, February 21, 2011


There was a small, rural township and in it were maybe 1000 people
Sven was one of them and he had a friend called Trish.

Here are some facts:

Sven and Trish grew up in the township next door to each other
They had sex once
They were 15.

Sven’s father was the mayor of the township
He was also called Sven
He wore a sombrero everyday
He wore the sombrero everyday for 24 years
He was the only one in the township who wore a hat
No one else in the township was allowed to wear a hat.

Once a man rode into town on a
He had a helmet on and Sven’s father had the town’s horses trample the man to death
Sven was the only boy in the town with a bike after that.

When Sven and Trish had sex
He said she would have to if she wanted to have a ride on his
He said she could only have sex with him if she wore his father’s sombrero
Trish put on Sven’s father’s sombrero and had sex with Sven.
Sven’s father came home and caught Trish having sex with his son and his sombrero.
Just prior to Sven’s father’s entrance however
The sombrero had fallen off Trish’s head and onto the pillow kind of where
Sven’s head was.

Trish pedalled really fast away from the Svens.

She is 25 and still pedalling.

Trish doesn’t have her virginity or her friend Sven anymore
But she has a bike and a sombrero and the ability to vote anywhere in the world.

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