Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some stuff about this week:

Slight anxieties regarding 'production+output' this week then lists wear underwear on the outside. 

1. Found those vouchers. They were in my wallet.
2. Joe in Christchurch, not Auckland.
4. Getting Macbook Pro in a week or two.
5. Positive-as list writing 'modus operandi'.
6. Latin
7. Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown received in the mail.
8. Going on a sea voyage.
9. Going to Sydney.
10. $20 Australian bill having cool plane pic on it. Also being red.
11. DVD player in new car. 
12. DVD player in new car operational in Japanese only.
13. Saying "moshi moshi" to new car upon key insertion.
14. Japanese
15. Cold, yet frothy milk chocolate drink at work.
16. Vermillion City 
17. Bonsai trees in Botanic Gardens.
18. Slightly overweight ginger crying child locked in swimming pool  maintaining courtesy and articulation.
19. Swims in the sea.
20. Pretzels and popcorn and M&Ms.
21. Purposeful tog abandonment resulting in own drawer. 
22. 22 good things.
23. Thinking about 22 good things for 10 minutes.
24. Still thinking.
25. Still thinking.
26. Still!
27. Yes!
28. Not stopping!
29. !!!
30. Thirty!

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