Saturday, January 8, 2011

Campervan Adventure cont.....

 That wasn't the end of the day though. Don't think that those ice creams were some kind seductive spider women that coined our demise. Oh no, we had pizzazz packed on like mozerella on tomato in Italy, 1889. Also we were on major sugar highs. After Murchison we drove and drove and followed the Huruni River tongues wagging for it to lead us somewhere special to stay. It was our last night so it had to be good. Joe was driving so I kept my eyes peeled for sweet spots. So it happens (and I only just discovered this then), I have knack for finding hidden tracks at high speeds and so it was that I led us to the most beautiful and perfect spot. Actually I found another not so perfect one first but that was already occupied by another campervan  so  we thought we'd be considerate and spare our vehicles the awkward conversation and left. At this new perfect spot though there was swimming and rocks and shallow water and deep water and birds circling and hills and massive skimming possibilities and wood and dead foliage for a fire. We'd hit the jackpot! We kissed! And then we kissed because we'd hit the jackpot! See for yourself, really beautiful...

 Okay, so they're kind of only of Joseph + campervan. I remember trying very hard to take a picture of the river and the hills but I neurotically wanted to get this bird in that was flying around and waiting waiting waiting                                       waiting                                                          waiting                                                    waiting



waitingwaiting for it to fly closer but it didn't so I didn't press the shutter out of frustration/spite. Shit. Anyway, we were quite chuffed with our find and started collecting wood and prickly twigs because a fire was exactly what a last night on an adventure called for. However, another campervan pulled up and this campervan was more friendly than the last one and our one combined. Our campervan looked over at us with this incredibly anxious expression and the peril of unwanted sociability loomed over the three of us. Really didn't want to spend our last night talking to tourists about sportsmanagementandhamstrings. 

Joe dumps tourist ass/lets tourist down gently saying we need a toilet real bad might be back later have our fire bye.

 I was really upset after we had to leave our perfect spot. There was some tension in the car but that's kind of an understatement. I guess my neurosis got the better of me, or something and I felt really PANickypanICKY and like I was standing on the edge of the world with no perfect spots for miles and miles and the last night on our trip deserved perfection that was now unattainable. It was bad. But my new found talent saved us once again (I think this may be my mutant superhero power, although I'd much rather befriend Spiderman than Kitty) and found a spot in the bushes above the river with a sweet view and mean as fire capabilities. It made me happy but mainly Joe made me happy; he is very good at getting people out of slumpy situations. We made a fabulous fire and had a romantic dinner (sandwich and cabin bread) and finished off the vodka. We were in the thick of the good vibes and there was no sad for miles. We scared it away with love and 42 Below.

Campervan looks like a real rad dude

Joe hates photos of photos but check out that fire!!?!! Pretty rough for the stick though.

 In the morning we pasted lots and lots:

 It was hard to paste on the surfaces; we had to use lots of paste. It really stunk and the brush got dirt in it. But the bug-types took a liking to the sandflies straight away. We left them debating flesh and freckle flavour favour. Based on the state of my ankles, agreement was unanimous.

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