Thursday, January 6, 2011

Campervan Adventure cont....

 This day we went through Nelson and it was beautiful. I felt relaxed and content being back in the South Island again. There's something sort of magical about the South Island I think, that sets it apart from the North Island. Maybe it's the untamed landscape, dangerous and unpopulated like the desert from a hardboiled American novel without the critique of 'the Dream'. The desert from True West comes to mind with the yelping coyotes, not howling like Hollywood cons us to believe. Here though, the canines are replaced by native birds and instead of yelping and starving the birds sing and fly and are free to love their country under no pretence to change or eat each other (Pukeko excluded).

 Joe used to visit Nelson a lot when he was younger so he knows the town quite well. All I remember was the last time I went there I went to the Japanese gardens and loved it so much I returned everyday until it was time to go back to Christchurch. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the Japanese gardens this time around but I think I might go on a solo adventure to see them sometime especially. We filled up the campervan with petrol and water though.

Joe fills up the camper with water 
There was a man and a woman parked really closely in front of us and I didn't put the gear in reverse properly and then couldn't find the break so very nearly crashed into them which would have been terrible because I wasn't on the insurance and also I want to be an excellent driver everytime to quash the preconception of females being bad drivers. The man gave me a dirty look and I pulled the backwards peace sign in my head.

 We travelled more and I think this was the most beautiful scenery of all. I feel like I keep saying that but really I suppose it's all exquisite. We were on the way to Murchison and the sun was sunning and the hills were hilling and the greens were greening 100 times over. I dreamed of going back there and camping in the thick of it all. I was still concentrating heavily on the road of course.

 In Murchison we got THE BIGGEST ice creams of all time:

Chocolate and cookies and cream

Strawberry or something + coke zero
 and looked around the second hand store. Joe bought some hats and I bought nothing because I still couldn't find a denim bucket hat. It was starting to exhibit modern day Holy Grail qualities. But I just wanted a hat??? We liked Murchison lots and it was funny because there were a lot of teenagers pushing prams and drinking Woodstocks. We felt bad for the babies though. I had an urge to steal the babies and raise them myself but eating that ice cream was hard work enough. We went pasting instead:

 And left. 

 Never gonna forget those ice creams.

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