Monday, January 10, 2011

Campervan Adventure concluded.

 We had an hour and half and 50 Pokemon to go until Christchurch. We drove until Culverden. I'm sure it was Culverden. I always get confused with the small towns. They become identifiable only by public toilet familiarity. This town was hot and had large concrete public toilets with blue accents situated on the edge of a park. There was a big gravel carpark in front of the park/toilets. We parked the campervan and had lunch. We sat on the grass in the park bit and a big bus full of high school girls pulled up. They all scrambled like eggs into the bathroom. They giggled and did lots of stuff girls in big groups do. Then a middle aged couple pulled up next to us in a yellow convertible Honda-something. The man was bald and the woman had white pants on. The car may have been red or blue actually. There was no back seat in the car that I could see, only two seats up the front. "How impractical" I thought. Seems like a waste of money to buy a car to just drive around with no sense of purpose. Isn't that the point of cars? To get stuff you can't carry from place to place. I thought, "Of all the things  they could have bought...." and, "I wonder if they like each other". I assumed that even though maybe they did once, they didn't anymore. I like Joe heaps; his lease ran out and we fit his bed + mattress + drawers + food + clothes + and everything we took on the trip into the campervan before we left. I guess that goes to show, eh.

 We wanted to paste heaps in this town but were a bit scared because before we got there we (he) pasted on this pylon thing we (he) had to jump the fence to get to and then these two men who were working but mainly watching us started walking over and the batteries on my camera ran out and they took pictures of us and the licence plate of the campervan as they walked past. We thunderjolted out of there like the electric Pokemon we had pasted up:

 Just out of 'Culverden' we parked by the river. We had to cross it at the shallow bit. I was scared I would fall in and drop the camera.


 After that we drove all the way back to Christchurch. We got there kind of by accident because we were meant to paste more but Christchurch was sneaky and flashed us all of a sudden all of its bits. "Gross, Christchurch", I thought. It was about two something when we pulled up at my house. I showed Joe around then Mum and Dad came home. It was a wee bit awkward. We finished pasting in Dallington:

Growlithe in my letterbox

Dragon ragin' hardout.

Mewtwo in the campervan gas compartment.

Flareon in my closet.

This was a real sweet trip. I laundered my clothes and had a nap. It started to rain.

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