Saturday, January 22, 2011

When I biked into town there was a strong headwind

And the sun was setting
So all the way it was right in my eyes.
I really chose the wrong time to bike into town.

When I biked into town I nearly gave up

Even though I had sunglasses on
Which presented the world in a sepia-like hue
Which was golden and warm
Which summoned feelings of tranquillity and pacification
Which enabled me to keep cycling
And enjoy it.

When I biked into town I got really nervous three different times.

The first time, I passed a souped-up sedan
There were two guys in it
The one in the drivers seat had his arm out the window
It had tattoos on it
I wondered if he got tattoos on that arm so it could loiter out the window and people would be impressed.
I wondered if he got tattoos on that arm so it could loiter out the window and people would be nervous.
They passed me a couple of hundred metres up the road
Really loudly.

The second time I tried to find the house my friend left the book I left at my friend’s house at.
I only had to go a little bit out of my way.
The house was in an industrial area
There was a lot of signage on the buildings
I thought maybe I had taken a wrong turn because nothing resembled a house.
I couldn’t tell if the numbers were going up or down.
The house had signage about signage all over it.
I cycled really slowly past it
I cycled really slowly past an intersection where a car had appeared
The man was going to pull out in front of me
Decided against it
Decided he could make it.
He is still deciding.
I circled around the house and tried to find an alternative entrance that wasn’t the front door but there wasn’t one I thought “I don’t want to knock on the door” and cycled away.
Then I thought “I’m here I might as well I really want that book” so I turned around and cycled back.
When I got closer to the house I changed my mind and cycled away again.
When I got far away I changed my mind and cycled up to it again.
It was pretty absurd.
There was another guy in another souped up car.
He probably thought it was a bit absurd too.
I knocked on the door three times and waited for a minute and a half. No one answered.
A lady drove past and looked at me like I was a criminal.

The third time I pressed the button at the pedestrian crossing
There were no cars coming and it was a one way street so I thought I could just cycle into the middle.
I was kind of in a hurry.
I was straddling the bike frame with one foot on a pedal
When I pushed down on the pedal the back of my shorts got caught on the seat
And almost came off.
There were cars coming now and I was on the downward slope of the curb, gathering speed.
I had to press in the breaks really had and fumble with my feet to catch my
I biked really hard the rest of the way into town.

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