Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Radio NZ postcard from Joe. He even added us peeking out from behind the caravan. Cute as. 

With lips, linked and hearts like torches we’ll don the denim hat of love and climb valiantly into the eternal camper. For six days like knives, we’ll slice right through Te Ika-a-Māui, but with the blunt side like an arrogant Jackie Chan teenage delinquent; not drawing blood but leaving a mark profound and adoring on the landscape. At night we can dive head-first into a watery love, drown any last hegemony, then surface dripping, enamoured. We’ll dry towel-less in the dark, shivering together on cool earth and itchy-bites. I would have remembered the “bins” too, so we can spend the night 'in divertimento' au mileu des étoiles and dream of worlds where people have mouths sewn shut and gloves amalgamated at the palms.  

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