Tuesday, November 30, 2010



This morning I ran and you wished hope you have a good day honey into my inbox. I would have given you a kiss but you’re hundreds of kilometres away so I took a Which Is Your Patronus quiz instead only the page didn’t load so I never found out. I want to talk to you tonight but I’m finding it hard to talk to anyone at the moment. Courtesy of the wedding. I dreamt I had two boyfriends and felt guilty. I couldn't even converse with my family. In the dream we were in Sydney and you had on a brown tweed jacket. I kind of started to resent them. I loved you more than the other guy though. The conversation was aeroplane air. I think I will make blackberry crumble today, not jam just so I don’t have to bike to the grocery store.  Stale and second-hand. I might put pears in it too. My brain has thrown up his arms in defeat after being pummelled with stones all night. He’s bruised and totally blank. I think this happens a lot; some kind of reverie rivalry. I should change my sleeping patterns to elude the enemy. Metaphors. I listened to Royal Headache and missed you with every chord. 

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